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Adopt/Foster Care

Adopt/Foster Care

Adoption donation includes spay or neuter, heartworm check, worming, necessary vaccinations, microchip and dental if needed

GCCR Rescue No: 958
  • Status: Adopted
  • Birth Date: July 02, 2019
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Color: Blenheim
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 15#
  • OK with other dogs? Yes
  • OK with pre-teen children?
  • Source: Breeder
  • Video:
  • YouTube:
  • Adoption Donation: $600

UPDATE 1/30 Gino has found his forever family! This sweet boy will be cherished and loved! Update 1/14 Gino had his big boy surgery. Paws crossed he heals nicely! After he is recovered we will be looking through our list of current adopters to place him with his forever family. Update 12/29 More on Gino's treatment plan. His teeth didn't grow in properly, he has an overbite. He eats ok, but special food dishes have been ordered for him and should help. At some point he had a kidney infarction. He has a part of one kidney that lost blood supply and no longer functions, but what he does have is working well. He will be on a special diet because of this to keep this regulated as much as possible. He was likely born with a Valgus deformity in his right front paw. It doesn't seem to slow him down or bother him, but if it does in the future he can wear a brace, it doesn't require surgery. The Vet recommended his neuter and dental be done at the same time as soon as possible. Special attention will need to be paid to his kidneys during the procedure. He will need to have lab work done periodically likely for the rest of his life just to monitor and keep his conditions under control. There was also good news! No sign of heart issues, lungs are clear, hips and knees are good. He should live a long and healthy life. He's a sweet little guy, getting braver every day, learning about potty training and how to be a good cuddler. He has discovered how much he loves treats too! Gino is adjusting to life in a home. He came in with kidney values that were not normal. He has had an ultrasound to help doctors determine what is going on with his kidneys. He still needs his dental and bilateral cryptorchidism surgery. To donate to Gino's care: go to the DONATE NOW button on the home page of the website, or the Giving Tab of the Website, or copy and paste this link, gccavalierrescue.org/Giving or you can always mail a check to GCCR, PO Box 1421, Aurora, IL 60507

Special Needs

Kidney Irregularities, bilateral cryptorchidism, needs dental, has an overbite.

Available to Adopt