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Policies and Procedures

Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue
Policies and Procedures

GCCR is a corporation that depends on well meaning and very generous volunteers. Rescue volunteers recognize that bad things might happen during their rescue activities, and they bear risks such as bites and scratches, perils at the rescue site, damage to cars, homes and even to other dogs. In a litigious society rescuers should not be asked to bear the additional risks of claims and suits by third parties. As a corporation GCCR bears the legal risks of such claims on behalf of GCCR volunteers who are doing GCCR rescues and following its policies and procedures.

Insurance will be provided by GCCR. Many volunteers who rescue for other organizations assume that an insurance policy purchased by those organizations covers volunteers' costs for the defense and settlement of damage claims by third parties. Other volunteers blindly assume that their personal homeowner's or liability insurance covers their rescue activities. GCCR is contracting for general liability insurance that will provide such coverage for GCCR volunteers.

GCCR follows well stated Policies and Procedures. They serve as a guide for volunteers acting on behalf of the organization, and are useful in answering questions and establishing relationships with shelters, other rescue groups, veterinarians, breeders and supporters. GCCR's procedures are designed so that from rescue intake to foster and adoption placement all that the rescuers know about each rescued Cavalier is documented and available to the foster and adopting families, for their benefit as well as for the Cavalier's benefit.

Help in understanding Policies and Procedures is local to the Greater Chicago area, and readily available.