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  • "Until one has loved an animal, part of his soul remains unawakened."....

  • "Every volunteer does a little bit to help needy Cavaliers; together we do a lot."....

  • "Heaven help the little Cavaliers who call for help, and no one comes.".....


Volunteers are the heart of our organization....

The work we do, the lives we save—it truly takes a village. Individually, each of us does a little. But together, we do a lot.

Volunteers, people just like you, giving just a little of their time—and lots and lots of love—help us save or re-home hundreds of Cavaliers every year. Without volunteers, these Cavs wouldn’t have a future, or a family to love them. 

That’s why we need your help. Volunteering is the easiest way to make a difference in the life of a Cav. And it’s fun, too! There are so many ways you can contribute, at every level:

·         Contacting shelters, humane societies in search of Cavaliers that need homes

·         Transporting Cavaliers to or from foster or adoptive homes

·         Transportation coordination

·         Foster/adoption home visits

·         Mentoring Cavalier owners

·         Fostering a Cavalier until they find a permanent home

·         Newsletter writing/editing

·         Website management

·         Education via email/email lists

·         Fundraising

·         Donating money or needed items

·         General administration help

No matter what level of support they provide, our volunteers get to meet new people, make new friends, do new things and, best of all, experience the joy of helping these beautiful, loving animals. There’s really nothing better than that.

Thinking about volunteering?

Please consider volunteering with GCCR, and changing a dog’s life forever. 

Already a GCCR volunteer?

Take a look at our event calendar to see where else you can help.

Or, be an unofficial GCCR Ambassador!

Download our brochure and post it wherever current or prospective cavalier owners can see it—at shelters, animal control facilities, pet stores. Pass it around to family, friends and people you meet to help spread the word.

Together, we can make a big difference, one dog (and one person) at a time.