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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why would Cavaliers need rescue?

There are many reputable breeders who care deeply and provide the best for their dogs. But as with any desirable or popular breed, there are some people who care more about making money than they do about the welfare of the dogs. Many states have passed legislation requiring commercial kennels to provide minimum necessities – food, water, and shelter from extreme hot or cold temperatures – yet do little to enforce it. Frequently dogs are kept in wire cages barely larger than the dog itself, and stacked 3 or 4 cages high. Basic medical care and grooming quite often is non-existent. GCCR and other rescues will rehabilitate kennel “discards” and place them in loving forever homes to live the life they deserve.


Where do your rescues come from?

In addition to the castoffs from commercial kennels, Cavaliers are often released to GCCR by their owners who can no longer care for them. GCCR works together with animal control organizations, shelters, humane societies, and other rescue groups as well.


How do I adopt a Cavalier?  Can I choose the Cavalier I want?

Please visit our website page on how to adopt at http://tinyurl.com/AdoptCavalier.

GCCR’s adoptable dogs are fostered in Chicago, its suburbs, Wisconsin, and northern Indiana.
In Illinois and Indiana, applications from this area (see map) will be considered.

If you're unsure if you live within a covered area, please send your city and state in an email to info@gccavalierrescue.org before completing an application.

If you are interested in a specific Cavalier on our website, you may indicate it in your adoption application. However, GCCR makes every effort to place a Cavalier in the best home possible, taking into consideration the specific needs and characteristics of each Cavalier, including temperament, personality, training, and health. We also take into account the ability of the adopting family to physically and financially care for the rescue and the knowledge/experience of the adopting family as it relates to dogs and Cavaliers in particular. 


Where do I fill out an application to adopt?

You may complete an online application at http://tinyurl.com/GCCRApplication. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. After thoroughly reviewing your application, one of our Rescue Coordinators will contact you by phone or email.  Please note, we receive many more applications than we have dogs and there usually is a waiting list.  GCCR is run entirely by volunteers – many of whom have full time jobs. Please understand it may take a few days to get a reply.


What does GCCR consider a "special need" in Cavaliers?

Above Grade III heart and other specific disorders included in website description.


What are your adoption fees?

Each available dog on our website (http://tinyurl.com/GCCRCavaliers) has an adoption donation listed. Fees are based on the age of the Cavalier.


Do you have a physical location where I can see the Cavaliers?

No. All rescued Cavaliers are placed in foster homes for evaluation and training.


Why don’t you place Cavaliers in more areas?

There are several reasons. First, as our name indicates, we place Cavaliers in the greater Chicago area. We are an all-volunteer organization with limited resources. Currently our volunteers and fosters are located in northern Illinois, parts of northwest Indiana, and Wisconsin. GCCR volunteers form a community of resources available to help other Cavalier owners and adopters in the area. A home visit by one of our volunteers is required as part of the adoption process, and we try to limit the total drive time to 3 hours or less.


Are there other Cavalier rescues that I can contact if I don’t live within the areas you serve?

Cavalier Rescue USAwww.cavalierrescueusa.org  
This is a national organization.  An adoption application will be routed to the local coordinator. You might try contacting your state coordinator. Contact information can be found at http://www.cavalierrescueusa.org/contact-us.html

Lucky Star Cavalier Rescuewww.luckystarcavalierrescue.org 
Adoptable Cavaliers are located throughout the country, so check for your area.

Cavalier Alliance:  www.cavalieralliance.org 
This is a fairly new group whose focus is on rescuing and placing seniors and special needs Cavaliers.

Cavalier Rescue Trustwww.cavalierrescuetrust.org 
This is a rescue organization for the AKC breed club.


How do I become a GCCR volunteer?

Please complete an online volunteer application form at http://tinyurl.com/GCCRVolunteerAppl