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Want to foster a needy Cavalier?

When needy Cavaliers come to Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue we generally know little about them and their needs. Our skilled fosters get through all their rescue "baggage," find the loving dogs inside, and help GCCR place Cavaliers in forever homes.  
Foster Home Responsibilities
·         Aside from regular day-to-day care (feeding, grooming, exercise), the responsibilities of a foster home may include:
  • basic training (house training, walking on leash, sit, down);
  • behavior modification (to correct problems such as barking, jumping on people, dashing through doors);
  • socialization (overcoming cases of extreme timidity and separation anxiety);
  • temperament evaluation (determining whether the Cavalier is good with different types of people and other animals);
  • medical care (dispensing medication, taking the dog to vet appointments);
  • ....and of course plenty of playtime and snuggling.

GCCR's volunteers have written a handbook for folks who rescue and adopt Cavaliers. Reading it is a must for foster families. Read it online at Helping Hands Handbook or email info@gccavalierrescue.org.

"It's all about the dogs"
Foster families are not alone in dealing with the quirks, behaviors and needs of Cavaliers they have taken into their homes. Volunteers, foster families, and adopters share information, ask questions and stay informed via a Yahoo Group . "It's all about the dogs" and everyone involved in GCCR is willing to help.
Assisting in the Adoption Process
When the foster family determines that the Cavalier is ready to be placed with an adopter, the foster family participates in finding a permanent home.
  •  Foster family sends the GCCR Rescue Coordinator recent photos of the Cavalier plus a Personality Profile describing the Cavalier's needs and behaviors.
  • Rescue Coordinator and foster family together review adoption applications and home visit reports, looking for that special home that will serve the Cavalier's very individual needs.
  • Rescue Coordinator sends photos, personality and medical information to selected possible adopters, asking if they are interested in meeting the Cavalier. Prospective adopters will have the opportunity to meet the dog in a home setting, either in the foster or in the applicant's home.
  • If the adoption will go forward, Rescue Coordinator emails the Adoption Contract to the foster family. The foster family obtains a signature on the Contract, collects the Adoption Fee, and sends the completed paperwork to the Coordinator.
  • From time to time foster parents may be asked to bring the adoptable Cavalier to a nearby event such as a pet boutique open house, adoption or pet expo. Events are a great way to expand the needy Cavalier's socialization and to invite folks to apply to adopt, and to enjoy the companionship of dedicated folks who love their wonderful Cavaliers.
  • GCCR pays for all medical care, routine or otherwise, for a foster Cavalier. Foster families usually contribute the costs of the Cavalier's food, but can be reimbursed for special foods due to medical needs.
What to do if you're interested?
Complete the Foster Application (click HERE). You will receive an acknowledgment from GCCR.