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Shelters and rescue organizations needing immediate assistance in identifying or caring for a Cavalier please call 1-844-424-4228

Questions Shelters Frequently ask Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue

 Cavaliers are considered such a desirable breed, why would they need rescue?
For the same reasons as any dog might need rescue. Families sometimes need to re-home their Cavaliers because of financial concerns, human health problems, lack of time to care for their dogs, etc., etc. Animal control officers sometimes find Cavaliers as strays or under conditions of neglect, as with hoarders or disreputable breeders. Many puppy mills have been pumping out and selling Cavalier puppies for years, and now in tough economic times they are discarding/killing their breeders.
Our shelter does a thorough job finding good homes; why would we need to contact a breed rescue?
Likely you’re doing a great job, and are under very difficult demands. GCCR is simply here to help. If you aren’t sure that a dog is a Cavalier, call us; we’ll come over and give you an opinion. If you come upon a Cavalier that is difficult to place, because of age, illness, behavior, or whatever…. call us. If you release a Cavalier to us we will have it examined for genetic illnesses that plague the breed, get appropriate care and treatment for medical needs, work with any behavior problems in foster homes, and find a forever home that understands what might lie ahead in loving and helping a needy Cavalier.
Will GCCR pay our shelter’s adoption fees?
Yes, to a maximum of $150, or GCCR can reimburse documented, reasonable veterinary costs.
How about mixed Cavaliers, will GCCR take them?
Sorry, we cannot. Our Bylaws require that we take only purebreds.
The shelter’s experience with other breed rescues is spotty; they don’t show up when asked or are overwhelmed with other dogs and can’t help. How about GCCR? 
GCCR is a local breed rescue; our volunteers, fosters, and adopters all live in the greater Chicago area, which means we’re near your location. We have over 100 volunteers and fosters who are knowledgeable about and committed to helping the breed. If you call someone who can’t respond to your requests, someone else will.  
Is GCCR licensed, insured, a registered non-profit?
Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue is a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to helping needy and abused Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as well as assisting Cavalier owners in the care of these wonderful animals. GCCR is licensed as a shelter by the Illinois Dept of Agriculture. Cavaliers awaiting placement live with families in licensed foster homes. Volunteers are insured against third party liability claims.