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Health and Wellness - 16 file(s)

Download Bonding with Your Foster Dog

By Pam Booras, Behavior Consultant, Unleashed Potential, Canine Teaching and Behavior

Uploaded Date : 2015-11-20 | File : pdf | Size: 19 KB | Downloads : 224403 time(s)

Download Canine Influenza Virus (CIV): What You Need to Know

June 2015 article by Steve Dale

Uploaded Date : 2015-06-11 | File : pdf | Size: 344 KB | Downloads : 223519 time(s)

Download Do-It-Yourself Diagnosing of Congestive Heart Failure in Your CKCS

Learn this simple test you can do at home to determine when your Cavalier enters congestive heart failure. You don’t need a smartphone, but if you have one, there are apps available that will keep a record and even send your data directly to your vet.

Uploaded Date : 2016-08-16 | File : pdf | Size: 973 KB | Downloads : 234450 time(s)

Download Dog Safety at Home

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, it’s a good idea to do a quick review to see how “dog proof” your home is. Here are some tips from Dr. Karen Burgess.

Uploaded Date : 2016-05-19 | File : pdf | Size: 239 KB | Downloads : 223760 time(s)

Download Food Allergies in Dogs and Cats

Food allergies account for 10-15% of all allergies in dogs and cats. Learn about symptoms, the most common food allergens, and what to do if your dog or cat has a food allergy.

Uploaded Date : 2016-01-29 | File : pdf | Size: 267 KB | Downloads : 223307 time(s)

Download Head to Tail 411-Back to Basics by Dr. Burgess

This is the presentation given by Dr. Burgess of Healthy Paws Animal Hospital in Lake in the Hills, IL at GCCR's Cavalier meet-up in May 2013.

Uploaded Date : 2014-02-18 | File : pdf | Size: 2 MB | Downloads : 224954 time(s)

Download Helping Your Cavalier Live a Longer, Healthier Life, by Susan R. Brown

MVD, mitral valve disease,diagnosis, genetic, health clinics, symptoms, coughing, weight control, exercise, medication, vasotec, enalapril, enacard, enlarged heart, fluid accumulation, males, HD, hip dysplasia, patellae, ophthalmologist, thyroid, breeder

Uploaded Date : 2011-11-20 | File : pdf | Size: 92 KB | Downloads : 242845 time(s)

Download How to Help Fearful Dogs

By Christine Johnson, Owner of Dogs 4 Life Training and Wellness and A Naturally Balanced Dog

Uploaded Date : 2015-11-20 | File : pdf | Size: 70 KB | Downloads : 223771 time(s)

Download Knee Surgery Rehabilitation for Dogs

Brochure from TopDogHealth.com with step by step guidelines for home rehabilitation for your dog after knee surgery. Includes week by week protocol, strengthening exercises, visual aids, and progress calendar.

Uploaded Date : 2016-01-25 | File : pdf | Size: 1 MB | Downloads : 309924 time(s)

Download Pet 1st Aid Kit (including Poison Control Phone Number & Skunk Deodorizer)

Need the phone number for the National Animal Poison Control Center? Be prepared to deal with scrapes, cuts, bruises -- even getting skunked! Here's a list of items to have on hand to treat your pet in case of an accident.

Uploaded Date : 2014-08-12 | File : pdf | Size: 460 KB | Downloads : 227486 time(s)

Download Recommended Veterinary Care

quarantine, wellness, physical, heart, blood, panel, vaccination, dental, antibiotics, wormer, Advantage, Frontline, heartworm, Rimadyl, bloodtest, microchip, grooming, boarding, brucellosis, coccidia, patellar, luxation, MVD, SM, syringomyelia, approval, coordinator

Uploaded Date : 2011-10-30 | File : pdf | Size: 13 KB | Downloads : 226793 time(s)

Download Reverse Sneeze or Cavalier Snort

Uploaded Date : 2016-01-25 | File : pdf | Size: 292 KB | Downloads : 244176 time(s)

Download SM (Syringomyelia) / MRI Clinic with Dr. Podell

Clinic may be offered if enough interest in diagnosis of SM with an MRI (Spring 2014 Newsletter)

Uploaded Date : 2014-03-30 | File : pdf | Size: 303 KB | Downloads : 224282 time(s)

Download Summer Safety Tips

Doggy Sunscreen for your Cavalier? You bet! The Dog Days of Summer are upon us and it's time to deal with the challenges of keeping our pups safe in the summer weather.

Uploaded Date : 2016-01-25 | File : pdf | Size: 351 KB | Downloads : 223785 time(s)

Download The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; a Collection of articles from Ohio State Vet School

Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital, OSU Vet School, Lynette Cole, otology, otological, ear disease, PSOM, primary secretaory otitis media, middle ear, inflammation, glue ear, CT scans, MRI, radiographs, x-rays, myringotomy, patellae, patellar, luxation, kneecap, intermittent lameness, orthopedic, chiari-like malformation, CLM, SM, syringomyelia, CM/SM, neurologic, spinal fluid, syrinx, cerebellar herniation, spinal cord, inherited, hereditary, genetic, caudal braincase, corneal dystrophy, corneal fat deposits, retinal dysplasia, retinal folds, geographic, retinal non-attachmnet, congenital, juvenile cataracts, distichia, corneal ulcers, dry eye, KCS, cardiovascular disease, MVD, mitral valve disease, exercise intolerance, cough, respiratory distress, pulmonic stenosis, patent ductus arteriosus, ventricular septal defect, theriogenology, reproduction, reproductive, AI, artificial insemination, infertility, dystocia, pyometra

Uploaded Date : 2011-11-20 | File : pdf | Size: 612 KB | Downloads : 229994 time(s)

Download Treatment Options for Luxating Patella

Article by Dr. Julie Mayer in Dogs Naturally magazine. Careful observation, good nutrition, and appropriate exercises can be very beneficial to the dog diagnosed with luxating patellae. If your dog is diagnosed with this condition, you may be able to avoid surgery altogether with supplementation and rehabilitation.

Uploaded Date : 2016-01-28 | File : pdf | Size: 422 KB | Downloads : 223533 time(s)