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Adoption Information and Forms - 4 file(s)

Download Adoption/Foster Application - Mail In

lifestyle, home, apartment, house, rental, fenced, adults, children, other dogs, travel, references, spayed, neutered, altered.

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Download Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog

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Download How to Adodpt

location, requirements, genetic, illness, fenced, behavioral, medical, children,references, home visit, fees, process, approval, matches, placement

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Download Looking for a Cavalier by Linda Elliot

colors, characteristics, clubs, USDA, breeders, commercial, puppymill, broker, reputable, requirements, code of ethics, spay/neuter, experienced, assist, assistance, interview, impulse, health, certificates, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, OFA, hip dysplasia, HD, MVD, patellae, syringohydromyelia, SM, testing, red flags, books, resources

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