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  • "Until one has loved an animal, part of his soul remains unawakened."....

  • "Every volunteer does a little bit to help needy Cavaliers; together we do a lot."....

  • "Heaven help the little Cavaliers who call for help, and no one comes.".....

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Handbook and Brochures - General - 16 file(s)

Download Brochure: Heaven help the little Cavaliers who call for help, and no one comes.

needs, rescue, evaluation, home visits, mentor, mentoring, tax-deductible, contribution, flyers, administration, transport, enrich, delightful, playful, intelligent, sociable, companion, conpanionship, medical problems, children, supervision, safety, unscrupulous, puppymill, MVD, mitral valve disease, patellae, patellas, syringomyelia, SM, episodic falling, fly catcher

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Download GCCR History: 2005 - 2015

How did GCCR start? Who were the founding members? How many Cavaliers have been rescued in the last 10 years? Who was Tugboat? Read more of the history of GCCR.

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Download Helping Hands - A Handbook for Those Who Rescue, Foster and Adopt Cavaliers

Table of Contents, with links to individual chapters

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Download Helping Hands - A Handbook for Those Who Rescue, Foster and Adopt Cavaliers (Full PDF)

Full text of handbook, 45 pages.

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Download Helping Hands Calorie Calculator

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Addendum First Aid & Poisonous Plants

veterinarian, abscess, bite wound, hydrogen peroxide, warm compresses, pus, allergic reactions, swollen muzzle, swollen eyes, respiratory problems, back injuries, arched back, tense abdomen, reluctance to jump, climb steps, bloat, gastric torsion, enlarged abdomen, non-productive vomiting, wobbly gait, costipation, anal area, suppository, stool softener, Metamucil, bran, oral Vaseline, cough, otc cough medicine, cough medicine, diarrhea, dry skin, corn oil, safflower oil, ears, baby oil, eyes, fever, normal temperature, foreign body, swallowed, pass through, fracture, immobilize limb, cover wounds, frostbite, grey skin, gray skin, rapid warming, bath, heat stroke, temperature 104, panting, prostrate, cold bath, ice, alcohol, itch, fleas,antihistamine, cornstarch, baking soda, Avon Skin So Soft, laceerations, cuts, wounds, pressure bandage, tourniquet, artery, nose bleed, icepacks, ice packs, sedation, pain, rest, aspirin, poison, Animal Poison Control Center, pyometra, infected uterus, 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red lily, rubber plant, rub ram lily, string of pearls, woodlily, yesterday today tomorrow

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Download Helping Hands Handbook - Foreward & Acknowledgments

This handbook offered to Cavalier lovers is the combined effort of many dedicated people, all involved in Greater Chicago Cavalier Rescue.

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Chapter 1 Behaviors of Rescue Dogs

outside, hand shy, reinforcement, leash, restraint, doorways, runners, crate, crating, chase, praise, repetition, learn, stairs, TV, radio, mirror, unfamiliar, barking, fear, fly biting, fly chasing, nesting, shredding, thunder, storms, thunder shirt, calming, snore, snoring

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Chapter 2 Health Concerns in Rescue Cavaliers

specialist, specialists, medical records, medical issues, dental, teeth cleaning, MVD, Mitral valve disease, inherited, valve deterioration, reflux, congestive heart failure, ascultation, cardiologist, echocardiogram, ECHO, ultrasound, atrium, ventricle, medication, medications, lack of energy, respiratory, heart rate, coughing, cough, faint, fainting, diuretics, ACE inhibitors, digoxin, heart rhythms, pimobendan, inodilator, Vetmedin, flycatcher's syndrome, epilepsy, compulsive disorder, tail chasing, chase their tail, Syringomyelia, SM, neurologic, neurology, neurologic disorder, neurologist, skull malformation, occipital, cerebrospinal fluid, CSF, syrinx, syrinxes, pain, sensitivity, shoulder, neck, scratching, repetitive scratching, air scratching, yelping, head elevated, seizures, extremity weakness, weakness in the legs, unstabel gait, MRI, analgesics, steroids, reduce inflammation, gabapentin, chronic pain, surgery, recur, reoccur, reoccurance, Hip Dysplasia, HD, hip dysplasia, x-rays, radiographs, joint generation, joints degenerate, Luxating Patellae, luxating patellae, knee caps, pop out, luxate, graded, grading, grade, anal gland infection, impacted anal glands, abscesses, scooting, anal glands, abscess, bran, pumpkin, platelet abnormalities, low platelet count, thrombocytopenia, over sized platelets, over-sized platelets, clotting, harmless, ear infections, yeast, mites, bacteria, unpleasant odor, snoods, pyotraumatic dermatitis, hot spots, bacterial infection, staphylococcus, staph, stress, boredom, compresses, listerine, Listerine, Gold Bond, Missing Link, Omega 3, Omega 6, steroid cream, topical, Elizabethan collar, interdigital cysts, autoimmune response, blisters, papules, licking, chewing the paw, neo-predef, Neo-Predef, Tetracaine, neomycin, isoflupredone, tetracaine, antibiotic, corticosteroid, topical anesthetic, epsom salts, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, antihistamine, Benadryl, keratoconjunctivitis Sicca, Dry Eye, dry eye, cataracts, cataract, inadequate tearing, blinking, discharge, eye drops, KCS, eye ulcerations, eye ulceration, diabetes, ophthalmologist, ophthalmologists, First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats, Amy Shojai

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Chapter 3 Nutrition Guidelines for Rescue Dogs

neglect, neglected, abuse, abused, malnourished, ingredients, healthful, filler, nutritional value, weight maintenance, weight gain, weight loss, all life stages, AAFCO, Association of American Feed Control Officials, standards, nourishment, meal preparation, kibble, canned, frozen raw, homemade raw, dehydrated raw, meal preparation time, protein, quality protein, by-products, by products, digestible, carbohydrate, carbohydrates, whole grains, rye, oatmeal, quinoa, fiber, wheat, corn, soy, ecretions, excreted, fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, micronutrients, fat, tocopherols, ethoxyquin, vitatmins, supplements, fish oil, probiotics, coenzyme Q-10, Co Q-10, glucosamine, fish oils, wild salmon oil, krill oil, ultra oil, Omega 3, Omega 6, omega 3, omega 6, heart, skin, coat, mercury-free, mercury free, probiotics, yogurt, kefir, dairy products, active cultures, immune system function, digestion, gastrointestinal, gastrointestinal tract, ATP, heart disease, glucosamine-chondroitin, chondroitin, cranberry juice, urinary tract, urinary, bran, underweight, overweight, ideal weight, fomula to maintain weight, calculation to maintain weight, formula to lose weight, calculation to lose weight, carrots, cauliflower, cheerios, bacon-flavored treat, mealtime, meals per day, two meals, one meal, free feeding, obesity, food-oriented breed, dish, plastic dish, ceramic dish, plastic bowl, ceramic bowl, stainless steel bowl, flat plate, treat, treats, take from hand, food from your hand, food from the hand, eating habits, offer food, 20 minutes, twenty minutes, benefits of good nutrition,

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Chapter 4 Necessary Equipment and Supplies

crate, kennel, dimensions, fiberglass, wire, floor tray, tray, door position, door in front, door on side, soft-sided kennel, wood kennel, soft-sided crate, wood crate, fabric kennel, fabric crate, dishes, stainless steel, chips, bloat, gastric torsion, water dish, food dish, rugs, crate pads, collars, collar, leash, leashes, flexi lead, flex-lead, harness, toys, plush toy, lifelike sounds, nylabone, rawhide chewies, tennis ball, shampoo, conditioner, ear washing, towels, hair dryer, spray bottle, squirt, digger, climber, fence, poisonous plants, poisonous compounds, poisonous stuff, cleaning agents, medications, PVC piping, pet beds, toothbrush, toothpaste, dog coats, dog boots, velcro closure, Pawz Disposable Boots, Vaseline, Bag Balm, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Myra Savant-Harris, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Fact and Fancy, Barbara Garnett-Wilson

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Chapter 5 Grooming Requirements and Equipment

buying grooming tools, pin brush, bristle brush, comb, pivoting teeth, rotating teeth, coat rake, claw clippers, nail clippers, thinning shears, thinning scissors, scissors, Vaseline, petroleum jelly, washcloths, wash cloths, dog shampoo, Bag Balm, conditioner, apple cider vinegar, electric clippers, cornstarch, Quickstop, baking soda, toothbrush, toothpaste, baby hair brush, baby body wash, face, muzzle, dry nose, clean ears, brush ears, comb ears, static, cracked pads, dry pads, fur between toes, fur between pads, fur on the bottom of the foot, feathers, tail, tooth brushing, teeth cleaning, tooth paste, pedicure, nail quick, dew claw, dew claws, dog shampoo, Dawn dishwashing soap, Isle of Dogs, The Stuff, drying coat, blow dryer

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Chapter 6 House Training A Rescue Dog

leash, crate enzymatic cleaner, urine cleaner, housebreaking, house breaking, housetraining, paise, accident, walkies, first thing in the morning, last thing at night

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Chapter 7 General Training Tips

learning to learn, learn to learn, positive training methods, reinforcement, reinforcing behaviors, default behavior, wait, body block, frightened, fright, fear, fears, puppy class, socialization class, socialization, positive training, chains, choke collar, buckle collar, harness, one step at a time, Ian Dunbar, Victoria Stillwell, Karen Pryor, Susan Clothier, novice trainer

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Chapter 8 Socializing the Rescue Dog

neglect, abuse, abusive, human contact, social beings, forgiving, loving, time, shy, fearful, personal space, approach, praise, reward, overtures, distress, training class, build bond, bond, bonding, trust, controlled situation, set backs, expose, new, minimum change, turmoil, resilience

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Download Helping Hands Handbook Chapter 9 Benign Leadership

pack, packs, pack leader, greet, greeting, agression, nonagressive, positive reinforcement, children, pecking order, alpha dog, alpha, feeding, kennel, crate, quiet, order, repeating commands, hearing, routine, habit, right of way, supervision, supervise, teach, consistent, consistency, expectations

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