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Volunteer Co-Rescue Coordinator Position

Volunteer Co-Rescue Coordinator Position

GCCR is seeking a Volunteer Co-Rescue Coordinator to assist and work closely with the Rescue Coordinator and team to take/provide direction as to where the rescues are located, when they need to be picked up, coordinating the volunteer transporters and seeing through the delivery of rescues following GCCR’s guidelines. 



1. Experience with Cavaliers and above average knowledge of animal behavior.
2. Must be 18+ or older with a valid Driver’s License.
3. Own and monitor smartphone and access email and text messages regularly.
4. Flexibility with time and access to Internet approximately averaging 30 minutes to an hour a day (may fluctuate) as needed to coordinate rescues.
5. Must be well organized and willing to work as a team player for GCCR always having the best interest of the rescue in mind.
6. Respect for all people and animals and demonstrate affection for animals and concern for their welfare.
7. Volunteer must have a current Volunteer Application on file with GCCR.


General Description and Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

*This is a team lead position and tasks will be delegated/shared with all team members. You will not be required to do all these tasks.


1. Take direction from the Rescue Coordinator to place new arrivals in foster homes with appropriate skill/level of care, near any needed specialist (if applicable).
2. Ensure all paperwork is received from transporters and maintain required Documentation for all rescues and transports.
3. Talk with owners who ask GCCR to accept release of their Cavaliers.
4. Assist Sleuths, decide when to pursue leads for needy cavaliers.
5. Maintain rescue dog contact records in Astro (GCCR internal system).
6. Review new adoption applications.  Annotate Applicant Report defining next steps.
7. Arrange Home Visits as needed.
8. Work with Foster Coordinator and suggest matches with adoption Applicants. 
9. Share Information in Astro and maintain working relationships with Volunteer transporters
10. Send adoption applications to foster parents, and send Personality Profiles and Medical Information to Applicants.


Complete an application and email us at Volunteers@gccavalierrescue.org if you are interested in volunteering!