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Volunteer Foster Coordinator Position Available

Volunteer Foster Coordinator Position Available

GCCR is seeking a volunteer to fill the new position of Foster Coordinator to assist the Board with activities as needed. The Foster Coordinator will assist foster parents by fielding questions and providing advice or, when appropriate, providing referrals to other volunteers skilled in a particular area (e.g., health or behavior).  Foster Coordinator will assist in mentoring and training new fosters and help facilitate the distribution of monthly meds to foster families. This is not a Board position.



1. Familiarity with Cavaliers and knowledge of animal behavior.
2. Must be 18+ or older with a valid Driver’s License.
3. Own and monitor smartphone and access email and text messages regularly.
4. Flexibility with time and access to Internet approximately averaging 30 minutes to an hour a day (may fluctuate) as needed to coordinate fosters.
5. Must be well organized and willing to work as a team player for GCCR always having the best interest of the rescue in mind.
6. Respect for all people and animals and demonstrate affection for animals and concern for their welfare.
7. Volunteer must have a current Volunteer Application on file with GCCR.


General Description and Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

*This is a team lead position and tasks will be delegated/shared with all team members. You will not be required to do all these tasks.

1. Assist Volunteer Coordinator in acquiring new fosters, mentoring and training new fosters.
2. Provide all fosters with a copy of (or link to) GCCR Foster Guidelines.
3. Communicating with fosters weekly and assisting the fosters in completing updates to the Personality Profiles on GCCR’s web page, as often as necessary, with a minimum of every 2 weeks if applicable.
4. Soliciting new photos of fosters weekly and saving in GCCR’s OneDrive.
5. Foster Coordinator will review incoming Foster Applications and see that home visits are done for potential fosters.  Once approved, Foster Coordinator will work closely with Rescue Coordinator to find the best foster home for the rescued Cavalier and arrange for Fosters to pick up the dog from Yorkville Animal Hospital.
6. Assist foster parents by providing advice and directing to proper persons for medical advice.
7. Prepare “Frequent Foster Kits” including laminated First Aid sheet found in Handbook Appendix, Panacur or the goat substitute, large bottle of Otibiotic, supply of artificial tears, shampoos, supply of foster meds
8. Foster families are given two month’s supply of heartworm and flea protection (when age appropriate) when they welcome new arrivals.  Foster Coordinator will maintain an up-to-date list of Cavaliers in foster homes (including long term fosters) who are in need of monthly meds.
9. Work with foster parents to find veterinary clinics that can be used for incidental medical needs with reduced/discounted prices.  Consider establishing some of those vets as new “GCCR” intake vets.  Negotiate prices and care with selected veterinary clinics.


Email us at Volunteers@gccavalierrescue.org if you are interested in volunteering!