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Key Volunteer - Transport Team

Key Volunteer -  Transport Team

GCCR is seeking several volunteers to fill key roles as part of a team which provides transportation for rescued cavaliers. The transport team member will work closely with the team lead or Rescue Coordinator to take direction as needed as to where the rescues are located, when they need to be picked up, coordinating the volunteer transporters and seeing through the delivery of rescues following GCCR’s guidelines. This is not a board position.



1. Familiarity with Cavaliers and knowledge of animal behavior.
2. Must be 18+ or older with a valid Driver’s License.
3. Reliable, safe, insured vehicle with heat and/or air conditioning in all areas where animals will ride.
4. Own and monitor smartphone and access email and text messages regularly.
5. Must be well organized and willing to work as a team player for GCCR always having the best interest of the rescue in mind.
6. Respect for all people and animals and demonstrate affection for animals and concern for their welfare.
7. Volunteer must have a current Volunteer Application on file with GCCR.


General Description and Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

*This is a team position and tasks will be shared with all team members. You will not be required to do all these tasks.

1. There are no set hours, as transportation requests are not always predictable and often come with short notice. However, you will receive training and will always have plenty of support.
2. Be available for short and long trips to pick up and deliver Cavaliers to fosters/adopters/medical care
       Short trip e.g.  Lincoln, IL; Northern suburbs and Wisconsin
       Long trip e.g. Philadelphia; Sioux Falls, SD and Springfield MO
3. Follow arrangements made to for relay meet ups with other drivers on the day and time specified. 
4. Disinfected, safe, appropriately-sized crates for cavalier.
5. GPS is not required, but would be helpful
6. Develop relationships with GCCR drivers and other rescue groups, their requirements and opportunities, especially statewide rescue transport sites shown on the Google Maps.


Complete an application and email us at Volunteers@gccavalierrescue.org if you are interested in volunteering!