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Critical Care Fund

Critical Care Fund


GCCR is committed to help needy Cavaliers, regardless of age or illness. Please give what you can to help these precious pups! Every dollar donated to the Critical Care Fund is used for medical expenses. Scroll down to use the online donation form or mail checks to GCCR, PO Box 1421, Aurora, IL 60507.
                                                                      THANK YOU!

UPDATE  Ladybug is post-surgery, and recovering very nicely.  On June 28, 2017, Univ of Wisconsin Veterinary Care addressed her symptoms akin to syringomyelia by performing a foramen magnum magnum decompression.  GCCR's total cost of surgery and and care was $5165.  She will continue on medications perhaps for her lifetime.  Read how she is thriving!  http://gccavalierrescue.org/node/6/view/12109 

Ladybug (718) is a 3½ year old happy and friendly Blenheim girl. Laydybug has a serious and painful medical condition Syringomyelia. Basically, this means that her brain is too large for her skull which causes excessive pain and her to yelp/scream in pain. Medication can alleviate the pain, however even with medication Ladybug’s condition has been getting worse, so an MRI is necessary to evaluate her condition. Ladybug will get her MRI at University of Wisconsin on June 14, to determine if surgery is necessary to alleviate her pain. Even with surgery, this is a life-long condition that will require daily medication. The estimated cost is for the initial exam, MRI, workup and surgery is $4900.

Donations to the Critical Care Fund are needed to cover all medical costs. Ladybug is a sweet and happy girl who deserves a chance to live without pain.  Your donation will help her dream come true.

Footnotes about Long Term Fosters:


In early August 2014, Ollie had a 2nd surgery to prevent her hip from popping out -- a result of being run over by a car. Ollie also sustained nerve damage that left her incontinent and a broken tail that was amputated. Despite it all, Ollie is a happy, loving Cavalier and is thriving in foster care. Because of her incontinence, she requires diapers and medicated wipes on an ongoing basis. Here's a video of Ollie just 5 days after her surgery!


Six-year-old Katie (#687) arrived in May 2016, having spent her life in a commercial kennel producing puppies. She was thin, deaf, and extremely fearful. A CT scan in mid-November determined her hearing loss was partially due to PSOM (primary secretory otitis media), also known as glue ear. Her ears were flushed and while we remain hopeful some of her hearing will return after healing, the doctors feel it's unlikely.  Additional tests revealed that Katie is also going blind due to retinal atrophy and an echo showed Mitral Valve Disease which is being treated with medications.  Due to her significant health issues, Katie is being cared for as a Long Term Foster.  $2000 was used from the Critical Care Fund for Katie's exams and procedures.



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